Saturday, 17 November 2018
Day among nomads / transhumant of Niger

Once a year, AREN (Association for the Revitalization of Livestock in Niger) organizes the annual festival of EGGO, from the name of this village located 800 km north-west of Niamey.

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In rural areas, 40% of primary school children have teacher paid by the parents themselves (ECAM II).

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Conservation of onions in Niger

These traditional marquees you see in the foreground are not huts but shelters where onions keep for over a year.


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Agriculture: The Key to the development of Cameroon. The ten reasons:

 1. A huge natural potential. Five agro-ecological zones with more than 6.4 million ha of arable land undeveloped;

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Cocoa: Cameroon 1 - Ivory Coast 10

There is no Match!

- Ivory Coast in 2013 reached 22 million inhabitants. Almost as Cameroon, with 21 million;

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Bernard NJONGA arrested
Arrest Video of Bernard NJONGA
CRAC launch ceremony in Yaounde
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