CRAC is a political party under the law. It is recognized by the decree of the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization (MINATD) N°00000250/D/MINATD/DAP/SDE/SPP of 15 July 2014.

But CRAC is more than a political party, considering its project -which places the agro-pastoral sector at the core of Cameroon’s socio-economic development, and its main aim being to feed all Cameroonians by producing abundantly, creating jobs, wealth and well-being for all. Therefore, conquering the executive power appears not in its current priorities.

To be efficient, CRAC needs fluidity, dynamism and openness that one could not find when talking of "political party".

Our priority now is to get in touch with the people wherever they are, to submit them our project, solicit their comments and their membership.

Any essential thing to get them taking up this philosophy of "Believing in Cameroon" and "Moving together", - that defines the CRAC.

CRAC plainly affirms – now and ever – his choice to consider “agropastoralism” as the first socio-economic development lever of Cameroon.

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