Presentation memorandum of the project proposed to Cameroonians for the creation of the political party "CRAC"

We, women and men, Cameroonian citizens, enjoying our civil and political rights, domiciled in different cities of the ten regions of Cameroon, combine our financial intellectual and material resources in order to create a political party and request for the government official recognition in conformity with the law.

  • For many of us, activists of the peasant cause, who, in the early hours of the economic crisis that hit the country during almost 23 years, have find out that a peasantry organized and accompanied is a fundamental asset for the successful economic and political mutations undertaken by our society;
  • Leading farmers; intellectuals; women and men from diverse sectors and socio-professional circles representing cameroonian diversity, that have faith in their country and want to contribute as political actors to its construction.
  • Women and men who in their different socio-professional backgrounds have accumulated a deep knowledge of Cameroon and its potential, and are surprised by the poor performance of their country in several areas of national and international life.
  • Women and men who believe in the rich potential of their country and want to enhance it through agriculture for many Cameroonians.
  • We share the conviction that “social changes precisely forge in the mere daily life”. That very place where the political choices, the great choices, those proclaimed at the top of the podium, take their perceptible and concrete dimension.
  • For this, we offer Cameroonian to Build up Together a prosperous, democratic, just and equitable society that determines itself the foundations of its economic and industrial take-off
  • Our project addresses all the challenges of the Cameroonian people in this 21st century:
    • Food challenges, to feed a population whose growth is one of the strongest in Africa and whose production is increasingly sought by neighboring countries;
    • Social Challenges, by granting this population a real entry into modernity providing quality basic facilities and infrastructures;
    • Energy Challenges, to initiate a true industrialization and exploit advantageously its rich natural and human potential;
    • Academic, Professional and Education Challenges in terms of training our youth and people to adopt new attitudes and reflexes for local processing of Cameroonian productions, for creating values;
    • Governance Challenges, for a new leadership that integrates transparent management and accountability practices, selflessness in public services for development perspectives, primacy of public interest over private interests, equity and justice;
    • Challenges of employment, by creating conditions to provide the young decent jobs, and reversing the trend of endemic unemployment and under employment in our society;
    • Security challenges in terms of preserving conditions of peaceable and tranquil deployment of the Cameroonian engineering;
    • Challenges of a better mastered urban development, in symbiosis with the development of rural zones;
    • Challenges of the equality of sexes and intelligibly resource management, thinking of future generations.

To meet these challenges, the proposed project of a fair society that we submit to Cameroonians, consists in an agricultural, forestry and mining Revolution, as base of production and redistribution of national wealth to support the overcoming of other challenges.

In this perspective we intend to:

  • Establish a new mechanism to allow Cameroonians to produce abundantly and to consume their production;
  • Use the agricultural and mining production to stimulate and support industrialization and scientific and technological revolution;
  • Reduce the rate of isolation of production fields, their infrastructure gap and provide production means based on ecological characteristics for agricultural revolutions;
  • Raise between 27 to 40% the industry contribution to gross domestic product;
  • Set up access conditions to decent housing for Cameroonians in towns and villages, public and private agencies and all sectors of national life;
  • Reduce by means of the agricultural and mining revolution and the major projects involved, the current trend of unemployment and underemployment and especially that of young men and women;
  • Reform the education system so as to develop scientific and technological knowledge for processing our products and creating value chains and therefore obtaining citizens proud of their country, respectful for its principles and values and jealous of its independence;
  • Grant a better access to health services, by improving the technical staff and the networking of health facilities throughout the national territory, and a better development of the health card;
  • Promote an active and uninhibited diplomacy always seeking winning partnerships, concerned with the interests of Cameroon, peace between the people and friendship with all peace-loving people;
  • Promote a proficient administration, neutral, transparent, development-oriented, concerned with the public interest and the protection of the most vulnerable in our society;

Promote innovative and dynamic private sector and active and responsible civil society.